Criminal Lawyers - Do You Wish You Could Monitor Your Success Rates


If you’ve regretted never having kept a record of your successes, a log of the number of prosecutions you have had withdrawn, dismissed or acquitted after trial; here is an awesome development in DPS Software’s Criminal Case Management System (DPS CMS) which empowers you to do exactly that.

After more than a decade of practice and having defended countless Serious Crime and Complex Fraud cases, it seems a great shame that I am unable to quantify the number of cases I achieved commendable results in. Put aside those cases where we advise our clients to plead guilty; in many ways even they are successes.

What really means something to me is that case where exceptional lawyering, sacrifices, vision and absolute determination prevents a fellow human being from being imprisoned for 20 years. When the police and prosecution were hell-bent on putting somebody away and you, your team and your Barrister out-performed them.

These are those glorious days we remind ourselves why we do this job; why we leave our beds at 2am to attend the police station, why we allow clients to call us on our mobile phones almost anytime and every day of the week and why put up with the atrocious Court administration systems causing us to wait an entire day for a PTR put back to 4pm !

That moment when you walk out of Court, feel the fresh air hit you in the face and indulge yourself in a few seconds of utter satisfaction. That recognition of having had made a difference.

To be able to refer back to these momentous achievements, to be able to say “hey, I won 25 of my last 30 murder cases”, to be able to advertise yourself using facts and figures is nothing short of phenomenal.

In addition to a whole magnitude of exclusive Criminal Defence practitioner tools, the DPS Criminal Case Management System now allows me to run automatic reports showing case results.

I can search by Fee Earner, by departments, by offence types and by a date range. I can search for all cases No Further Actioned at the police station, all cases Withdrawn, Dismissed and Acquitted.

In fact the system is easily customised to your needs. You can choose the data you wish to extract. If you want to monitor the number of new files you open each month, the number of those cases which pleaded guilty, went on to the trial being cracked or proceeded to trial; you can extract this data anytime and export the data as you wish.

More exciting than this is DPS CMSs ‘Auto-Reporting’ function which will send you a customised report to your inbox periodically, as you require. Every day, every week, every month or every quarter; I have full control of which report I want sent to me on which days.

Written by:
Majad J Habib - Fraud Solicitor & Director at Stuart Miller Solicitors - London

Majad is a Fraud Lawyer specialising in the defence of Serious Fraud, Money Laundering and associated matters. He has particular expertise in defending those accused of Fraud by False Representations, Conspiracy to Defraud, Tax Evasion and any form of Hawala Banking and illegal Money Transfer allegations.