Catie - America

I'm writing to express my deepest thanks and appreciation for your employee Gabriel Milton whom I recently worked with. From the first moment I spoke to Gabriel he was courteous and I felt a sense of urgency for my case and real concern for the outcome. One of the greatest things he provided me was with trust. I knew that no matter how my case turned out, Gabriel was putting 110% forward for me. I know that he worked incredibly hard on my case as I received emails at 11pm on Saturday nights and he came in during his day off to meet with me and prepare for the case because it was one of the few days that I was available. A little over a week ago my trial came to fruition and though I had mentally prepared myself for anything being possible, I'm writing this email to you now from the comfort of my own home back in America. Because of Gabriel, I am reunited with my husband, I didn't lose my job, I got to return home and move on with my life.