This is an email to express my gratitude and appreciation in having Amjid Javaid represent me on false allegations of harassment claims made against me. Amjid was very professional, honest and articulate individual with an excellent grasp and knowledge of the legal procedures. Having not met him before I was slightly apprehensive as to whether my interests would be protected by any Solicitor (not just Amjid) but I need not have worried. At a time of increased stress and emotion, I felt secure in knowing that I have a very capable representative sitting next to me in a voluntary interview to protect my interests and allow the truth to come through. Seldom, do I feel the need to express gratitude or offer praise for individuals but when faced with a situation that could have a profound detrimental affect on the future, this praise is merited. I do hope that this young man forms part of the long term vision of Stuart Miller Solicitors as he is a true asset in protecting the interests of innocent members of the public and no doubt the pressure tactics applied by the Metropolitan Police.