Funding Options

Stuart Miller Solicitors firmly believe that everyone should be entitled to representation under Legal Aid and we are proud of our commitment to providing the highest standards of service for those eligible for public funding.

Recent changes in the law have introduced limitations to eligibility depending on your financial position. If you receive Income Support, income based Job Seekers Allowance, Employment & Support Allowance or Guaranteed Pension Credit, you should be eligible to legal aid. If you are not receiving any of these benefits but have a low income, you may still be eligible, subject to a test related to your income.

Stuart Miller Solicitors will advise you as to the likelihood of the grant of legal aid and assist you in the completion of legal aid applications. In any case, you must note that if your case is funded by Legal Aid and you lose, you may be required to repay the costs of your defence case if you hold assets worth more than £30,000.

If you have already instructed Solicitors and are unhappy with any aspect of the service you have received from them, we will be happy to provide a second opinion and accept the transfer of your case, if necessary.

We offer free initial legal advice, either over the phone, via e-mail or face to face. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any enquiries you may have.


It is a matter of choice to the individual as to whether you wish to be represented under the Legal Aid Scheme, in circumstances where Legal Aid may be available, or whether you wish to cover the costs of your representation on a private fee-paying basis.

We acknowledge that the restrictions of the legal aid system can place constraints on the delivery of the highest levels of service. The limitations on the work that will be sanctioned by the Legal Aid Agency means that in certain circumstances, there can be an impact on the preparation of your case although we will always provide the highest levels of service regardless of the funding route.

Paying privately means that a Solicitor will be dedicated to your case and will be accessible at any time to deal with your concerns. You will have their mobile telephone number and they can arrange appointments at short notice or travel to meet with you at your home or office. More importantly, you will receive an enhanced level of service that cannot be justified to the Legal Aid Agency if you were in receipt of public funding and we will have the freedom to instruct the best Barristers, experts, agents and freely undertake any enquiries and investigations we feel are relevant to your case.

Stuart Miller Solicitors uniquely offer some of the lowest private rates in the country and we may be able to work for you on a fixed fee basis. Please contact us and speak to one of our Lawyers who will be able to discuss the funding arrangements with you and will be pleased to answer any queries that you may have.