Acquittal in Cash for Crash Insurance Fraud

Leading Fraud Lawyer Majad Habib achieved yet another excellent result in an Insurance Fraud prosecution owing to their relentless and pro-active approach to Criminal Defence.

Our client was indicted for Conspiracy to Defraud. The Crown alleged that our client and others staged motor vehicle accidents in order to make gain from personal injury claims (Cash for Crash). The case rested on the sole evidence of two witnesses who were involved in the accident in the opposing vehicle. 

Our client was a man of previous good character. We asked the Crown to disclose the previous convictions history of the witnesses. After a lack of response from the Crown, the case was listed at Court where the Crown were ordered to serve the requests. The Crown eventually served  the witness’ antecedents which revealed multiple convictions including dishonesty. 

Owing to our experience in this field, our Specialist Insurance Fraud Solicitors are familiar with the common approach by insurers to make best endeavours to avoid paying claims. Rather than risk substantial legal fees in fighting these cases in the civil courts, insures are increasingly wiling to report matters as Fraud to the police.

Understanding that the other driver had a personal financial interest to deny liability or fault, we immediately made an application to allow  evidence of the witness' dishonesty before the Jury. Owing to the success of that application, the Crown decided their prospects of success were so poor that they discontinued their prosecution and our client was acquitted.