Corporate Social Responsibility: Unique Support

Stuart Miller Solicitors have formed a partnership with youth accommodation unit Unique Support in the attempt to spread knowledge and awareness of everyone’s basic legal rights, which many of us are not aware of. Unique Support provides semi independent living for young people aged 16+ struggling with the transition from adolescence into adulthood. They are provided with a safe environment and supported in their journey, with constant professional, supervised guidance.


Although Stuart Miller Solicitors specialise in fraud, cybercrime and criminal defence, we understand the importance of our corporate social responsibility. As legal aid solicitors in London we see many cases involving youths as they are one of the main qualifiers for legal aid under the new threshold.

Stuart Miller Solicitors was able to provide valuable information to the young residents who are at risk of offending or reoffending after leaving Foster Care or a Residential Children’s Home. The main topics we covered were:

  • Stop and Search – Know your rights
  • The role of the Solicitor and how they can help you
  • Consequences to be faced if found breaking the law

We received a warm reception and were forced over our time limit as the residents were so engaged and wanted to make the most of this opportunity to clue themselves up. Admittedly this was a reluctant audience of young males who have all had controversial dealings with the police at some point in their life. Expectedly, many of these youths already thought they knew all they need to law about their rights, we were there to give them a rude awakening with the real facts.

The seminar was delivered by our Police Station Representative, Donna Minott who found this to be a challenging but rewarding experience:

                “It is important to meet your audience first then decide on how to address them without prejudice and gage their areas of interest. Many of these young boys are not interested in reading, suffer from mental health issues and have a very low attention span. They understood the importance of the information and did very well to pay attention and ask questions. Now I have broken the ice with them, I look forward to going back and educating them on other areas of law.”

Director and Project Manager of Unique Support, Jeanette Hunte shared the views of the residents:

“They found it extremely informative identifying the law and understood even though they did not agree. This is an important step forward as they were able to realise through an outside legal source like Stuart Miller Solicitors that their actions and beliefs could in fact have consequences. They look forward to further guidance and knowledge realising the consequences of their actions. This is an important achievement of trusting and understanding the importance of legal representation in circumstances where it has been refused.”

Stuart Miller Solicitors are increasing their corporate social responsibility efforts and this was a great first step. We will be visiting the unit again to deliver further seminars on other areas of the law. We look forward to reporting the changes in practice and attitude towards the necessity of legal presentation as we grow this relationship.

You can find out more about Unique Support here: