R v A - Acquittal In Harlesden Attempted Murder

Serious Crime Specialist Solicitors Mohammed Zeb and Michael Oatley worked relentlessly to defend a young man accused of Attempted Murder.

The allegation arose following a large scale disorder outside a nightclub in Harlesden. The prosecution alleged that our client attended the scene with his associates intending on assaulting members of a rival gang. It was suggested that our client's group instigated the disorder which involved over thirty youths in possession of an array of dangerous weapons. 

During the disorder, the prosecution alleged, our client entered his vehicle with the intention of using it as a weapon against rival gang members. CCTV captured the moment when the victim grabbed hold of another vehicle and held on to the bonnet before being carried over twenty metres. Having fallen off the vehicle he lay in the road and the prosecution alleged that our client deliberately ran over him dragging him under his vehicle until it could no longer move. 

The victim sustained serious, life-changing injuries. With substantial expertise on their side, the Murder Defence Solicitors in the Serious Crime team advised our client at the police station and asked him to advance his account at the earliest opportunity in the police interview. He proposed that the incident had been a terrible accident which he had no intention of executing and had no control over the event as it unfolded. 

This expert advice proved invaluable later in the case when matters reached Judge and Jury. Following meticulous consideration of the CCTV and the instruction of a forensic road traffic accident investigators, the Murder Defence Solicitors were able to prove that our client braked immediately before hitting the victim. 

During the trial this uncompromising preparation ensured that our client stood the best chances of success. The Jury were not long in deliberating a not-guilty verdict and our client was acquitted of Attempted Murder. 

Nevertheless, the prosecution remained unsatisfied with this result and made applications to re-try our client on alternative charges, namely Grevious Bodily Harm. 

Since the case was known to our Serious Crime Solicitors with impeccable details, yet again our representation ensured that our client was once again acquitted. 

This case is an excellent example of the importance of vigilant preparation, the need to painstakingly analyse all the evidence and the importance of working with aptly qualified experts.