R v A - Acquittal in Murder Following A Robbery

The highly experienced Murder Defence Solicitors at this firm acted for a man charged with Murder and Conspiracy to Rob, being tried at the Central Criminal Court.

The prosecution case was that each of the three defendants charged were involved in a Conspiracy to Rob the deceased of an Apple Macbook computer, which the deceased had advertised for sale on the internet trading site “Gumtree”.

The allegation was that the three defendants had travelled to Enfield to meet the deceased for the specific purpose of robbing him of the computer. They had with them a knife which was produced at the time of the Attempted Robbery in order to persuade the deceased to hand over the computer. The planned Robbery was unsuccessful as the deceased and his friends stood their ground, resisting the defendants’ efforts to rob them. Realising that the deceased was not going to be a push-over the defendants left the scene empty handed.

The deceased and his friends then decided to follow the defendants’ group and the deceased armed himself with a metal pole. One of his friends armed himself with a hammer and they came across the defendants in a road not far from the scene of the Attempted Robbery. The deceased approached one of the defendants with the metal pole raised and within seconds, the deceased had been stabbed to the heart suffering fatal injuries.

Our Murder Defence Solicitors represented the defendant from the police station stage through to the trial at the Central Criminal Court and it became clear early on that he was not responsible for inflicting the fatal blow to the deceased.

The prosecution case against him became one of Joint Enterprise. Stuart Miller Solicitors are experts in this area having dealt with numerous Joint Enterprise Murder allegations and clarifying the law at the High Court in L v CPS [2013] EWCA 4127 (Admin).

Throughout the proceedings, our expert Lawyers requested detailed disclosure concerning the police investigation. These requests resulted in the disclosure of a statement from an eye witness whom the prosecution did not seek to rely upon.

Stuart Miller Solicitors' Lawyers interviewed this witness and ensured his attendance at the trial. The witness was able to verify that the defendant had run-away from the scene when the deceased approached and he was therefore not Encouraging or Assisting the principal at the crucial time.

Having worked on so many cases of this nature, our Homicide Solicitors have identified the best QCs and Barristers to aid their desire for success. in this case, Ms Lisa Wilding QC of Furnival Chambers was instructed and following a three week trial, our client was acquitted of Murder.

This case demonstrates Stuart Miller Solicitors’ tireless and uncompromising approach to defending their clients.