R v A - Suspended Sentence In £100k Money Laundering Case

Our highly respected Fraud Solicitors represented a client accused of Concealing, Disguising, Converting, Transferring or Removing Criminal Property contrary to the Proceeds of Crime Act. The offence is more commonly known as Money Laundering. Our client was accused of transferring £100,000 cash to another person.

Our client was arrested following an extensive covert surveillance operation launched by the National Crime Agency. The culmination of the operation resulted in our client being observed meeting his co-defendant in North London. During the meeting, officers observed the transfer of an orange bag between the client and his co-defendant. Officers observed this bag being removed from the boot of a BMW which subsequent enquiries revealed was registered to the client. Officers stopped and searched our client and his co-defendant. In the boot of the co-defendant’s vehicle officers recovered the orange bag which contained a substantial sum of money in used bank notes. 

The client was arrested on suspicion of Money Laundering and engaged specialist Money Laundering Solicitors from this firm to represent him in the police interview. Following the interview our client was charged with Money Laundering £100,000 cash. Stuart Miller Solicitors’ immediately advanced a successful bail application at the Crown Court securing the clients release on bail throughout the case.

Expert Fraud Lawyers carefully considered the overall strength of the evidence including the lawfulness of the search under section 289 of the Proceeds of Crime Act. Stuart Miller Solicitors also considered the impact of the case of R v Anwoir [2008] 2 Cr. App. R. 36 and the inference which may be drawn from the circumstances in which the cash was handled. 

Having advised our client on the strength of the evidence he confirmed that he wished to enter a guilty plea. The prosecution relied on a print out from the police national computer that suggested the client had a similar previous conviction. The client robustly denied this and following extensive investigations by Stuart Miller Solicitors’ this was shown to be erroneous. 

The client also insisted that the police were mistaken regarding the amount of cash seized. Following strong representations from Stuart Miller Solicitors’ the police recounted the money and agreed that there was only £45,000. This extensive work ensured that when it came to sentence Stuart Miller Solicitors’ were able to reduce the harm and culpability of the client in line with the Sentencing Guidelines Council's definitive guidelines for Money Laundering. 

Following full mitigation advanced on the client’s behalf he was sentenced to an eight month prison sentence which was suspended for two years, meaning he escaped imprisonment. This case demonstrates the uncompromising approach our Money Laundering Solicitors adopt to ensure clients receive fair and just sentences.