R v H - Acquittal in Kidnap & False Imprisonment Case

Our Serious Crime Lawyers defended a man who was one of five facing charges of Kidnap, False Imprisonment, Blackmail and Possession of an Offensive Weapon.

Our client faced a 6 week trial at the Old Bailey after a male from the East London area made an allegation that he was bundled in to a car at knife point, threatened with a gun and held in a vehicle for a number of hours whilst demands of thousands of pounds were made for his safe release. 

At the outset of the case the evidence against our client consisted of a number of witnesses statements from the complainant and his family and friends. After extensive investigation by the police, hours of CCTV footage was served and a compilation of the footage was provided. This covered our client's first encounter with the complainant and their movements prior to the complainant entering the vehicle in question. 

Mobile telephone data was served in order to ascertain each defendant's location and text messages and phone call data was served to confirm the communication between them. 

Our client accepted presence at the scene but despite his silence in police interview, adamantly denied the charges against him from the outset. 

Meticulous preparation was essential in this case. Our Specialist Criminal Defence Lawyers found numerous inconsistencies throughout the prosecution evidence which were used to prepare a suitable line of questioning to the witnesses. The complainant had previous convictions for dishonesty. The co-defendants argued that the complainant owed them money and the dispute arose owing to this debt.

As part of our preparation we requested the download of the complainant's mobile phone which contained a clear indication that he had been involved in fraudulent activity. In addition we were able to use the contents of his social media accounts to portray the extravagant lifestyle he had been living. This became key evidence in the case. 

The complainant was extensively cross examined and it was in our view that he had not been a credible witness. His account was not one that could be relied upon and to some extent, inconsistent with the CCTV evidence. As a result our Criminal Lawyers made the decision that our client would not give evidence in his trial. 

The jury acquitted our client of Kidnap and Possession of an Offensive Weapon and the jury could not reach a verdict on the allegations of Blackmail and False Imprisonment. 

As a result, the prosecution reviewed their case and made the decision not to take this case to re-trial and formal not guilty verdicts were recorded for the remaining charges.