R v L - Acquittal In Possession of Shotgun Case

The specialist Firearms Offence Lawyers at Stuart Miller Solicitors worked together with Counsel Ms Lisa Wilson from Furnival Chambers to secure the only acquittal in a five handed possession of a prohibited firearms case at Wood Green Crown Court.

The allegation concerned an occasion when five men were stopped in a vehicle by armed police and found to be in possession of a loaded sawn off shotgun and other weapons. The prosecution case was that the five men were members of, or were affiliated with, the notorious London Fields gang. The prosecution alleged that the gang was in possession of the firearm with the intention to commit gang related criminal activity. Armed officers swooped on the gang as they were driving down a busy London street. Members of the public looked on as police recovered the loaded sawn off shotgun and knives from the vehicle.

The gang members arrested had been the subject of a extensive covert surveillance operation. The prosecution relied on covert logs of police officers to trace the movements of the defendants and show the association of the gang members. This was cross referenced with over 20,000 pages of telephone evidence demonstrating contact between the Defendants.

Our specialist Firearms Solicitors arranged for the expert analysis of the extensive telephone evidence to fully prepare our client’s case. Our client accepted driving the vehicle but denied any knowledge of the firearm or having any knowledge of the intentions of the gang members. Through meticulous analysis of the substantial prosecution evidence and thorough consideration of the instructions obtained from our client, we were able to demonstrate that he had very few links to the alleged gang members.

Our Barrister was also able to advance bad character applications against the co-defendants, to highlight their true character compared to our client. This approach demonstrates that our expert Firearms offences Solicitors are willing to go to any extent for the defence of their clients and to ensure optimum chances of an acquittal.

Our client's first language was not English and Stuart Miller Solicitors took the time to translate the prosecution evidence in to his native tongue. This ensured he fully understood the case against him and he was able to provide fully informed instructions. Expert interpreters were also used during conferences to ensure that the client fully understood the advice given and felt confident in giving instructions. The uncompromising preparation ultimately ensured that the client was found not guilty of all charges and walked free from Court. All the remaining defendants were convicted and handed lengthy prison sentences. This case underlines the importance of instructing unflinching Solicitors when faced with serious allegations.