R v M - Acquittal In £1 Million+ Cash-For-Crash Insurance Fraud

​Led by Specialist Fraud Lawyer Majad Habib, the Fraud Solicitors at this firm worked with Counsel Mr Stephen Moses of Furnival Chambers to secure an acquittal in a major ‘Cash for Crash’ Insurance Fraud case at the Harrow Crown Court. 

Our success was shared by only one other defendant in a case that involved twenty-four defendants and was deemed so large that it was split in to two seperate trials. The defendants were accused of staging numerous road traffic accidents across London and subsequently submitting fraudulent insurance claims for damage to vehicles and personal injury.

The prosecution followed a complex year-long police investigation in to numerous road traffic accidents on London’s roads. The police uncovered a pattern of suspicious road accidents involving the defendants and innocent members of the public. The allegation was that the defendants would travel in separate vehicles to an agreed location to stage an accident. This was usually a busy road during rush hour. The first vehicle would swerve or brake suddenly causing the second vehicle to perform an emergency stop. An unsuspecting member of the public would unwittingly crash in to the back of the defendant’s vehicle thereby becoming liable for the accident. 

Insurance claims for damage to vehicles and personal injury claims were submitted with a value of more than  £1 million. The police investigated an accident management claims company, namely a Solicitors firm and numerous individuals whom they believed were organising and staging accidents. 

Fraud Solicitor Michael Oatley provided day to day assistance and advice throughout the life of the case. Our client was of good character and the continuity of representation over more than two years was able to reassure her and guide her through the traumatic experience. Our client was particularly vulnerable due to complex medical conditions and her lack of English. Stuart Miller Solicitors worked with experienced interpreters in conferences with the client to ensure she could communicate effectively. Our experienced Insurance Fraud Lawyers understand the importance of obtaining detailed instructions from our clients and thus took steps to translate the case papers in to the client’s language. This is a task few Solicitors complete but Stuart Miller Solicitors' ethos and determination to win ensures there are no compromises in the preparation of a case.

The case required particular expertise as there had been previous civil proceedings at the County Court. Stuart Miller Solicitors’ knowledge of both Civil Fraud and Criminal Fraud ensured that material and evidence from the civil case was challenged before being admitted into the criminal case.

Meticulous preparation and  fine consideration of the thousands of pages of prosecution evidence led to our Insurance Fraud specialist Solicitors being able to prove that our client was travelling in the back of the vehicle at the time of the accident and had no knowledge that it had been staged by the driver. 

The jury considered their verdicts for over thirty hours and our client was one of only two defendants of 24 to be acquitted.  This case is a prime example of Stuart Millers Solicitors’ uncompromising approach to client care, especially during lengthy and complex cases, results in an outstanding outcome.