R v R - Only Acquittal of 15 in £900,000 Benefits Fraud

Led by Specialist Fraud Solicitor Majad Habib, Stuart Miller Solicitors' expert Fraud team defended a man alleged to be involved in one of the largest ever Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) prosecutions.

The case involved fifteen defendants and a Fraud totalling over £900,000.

Stuart Miller Solicitors represented a deaf and mute client who was accused of being part of a Conspiracy to Defraud the DWP by submitting forged invoices to the Access to Work scheme.

Our client was the only defendant who was acquitted following a three month trial at the Southwark Crown Court. Due to Stuart Miller’s meticulous preparation and careful consideration of over twenty thousand pages of evidence it was ensured that the client’s defence was adeptly presented to the jury and his explanation was accepted.