Stuart Miller Solicitors joins London Legal Walk 2017


Stuart Miller Solicitors joined the London Legal Walk 2017 and managed to raise a healthy sum to support legal charities. 

On Monday 22nd May we took to the streets of London’s Legal district to raise money for charities to continue the great work they do, providing essential legal advice and representation to those unable to afford the service. We were pleased to get involved and managed to keep up with the crowds in the 10km walk, having the sun on our side helped raised spirits! 

Donations go towards supporting families living in poor housing conditions, women and children trafficked to the UK, those having to work for less than the minimum wage, elderly people struggling to live independently, people with illnesses and disabilities, people who have been unfairly dismissed or discriminated against at work. Vicky Ling, LLW’s CEO is excited for another year with greater support:

“We are thrilled that the legal profession have again risen to the challenge and will be turning out in even greater numbers than before. Free legal advice services change people’s lives, providing them with expert help in their hour of need. LLST work with the charities we fund to ensure every pound raised goes as far as it can to help the most vulnerable.”

Our magistrates court department has set out the importance of such efforts for such funding: 

So why is legal aid so important? 

Legal aid can help meet the costs of legal advice, family mediation and representation in a court or tribunal. This means that a lawyer is able to work on your case but also represent you in court for free. It also allows a balance in the justice system.  Everyone should be entitled to free legal advice because the criminal justice is not common knowledge and it is a basic human right which everyone is entitled too. 

Why should I use lawyers rather than representing myself? 

Lawyers have had training and experience to deal with ever changing legal and factual issues. You would want someone with legal expertise and experience because your liberties are at stake. Legal aid also gives confidence to the client as they feel they are having an specialist service provided for free.


What do I need to show in order to get legal aid? 

You’ll usually need to show:

• Why your case is eligible for legal aid

• The problem is serious

• You can’t afford to pay for legal costs

How do I know whether I can qualify for legal aid?

You could qualify for legal aid for the following reasons:

• You or your family are at risk of abuse or serious harm, e.g. domestic violence or forced marriage

• You’re at risk of homelessness or losing your home

• You’ve been accused of a crime, face prison or detention

• You’re being discriminated against

• You need family mediation 

• You’re adding legal arguments or bringing a case under the Human Rights Act

More further details can be found via the link-

If you are free and would like to help make a difference, come and join us! If you would like to make a donation please follow the link