Burcu Parslow


Burcu Parslow

Burcu graduated with a Finance and Economics degree from the University of Istanbul. She studied subjects including International Economics, International Finance, International Relationships, General Taxation, Civil Law, Commercial and Corporate Law, Management of Tax, Profit / Cost Analysis, General Finance and Accountancy.

Burcu is fluent in English and a native Turkish speaker. She regularly provides her assistance to Lawyers with non-English, Turkish speaking clients.

She has gained an impressive and wide range of experience in finance. Burcu worked with retail banks and investment banks in Turkey from 2001 and she then held key positions in a chartered accountant's firm in England from 2004. Burcu joined Stuart Miller Solicitors in March 2011.

She is meticulous, dynamic and a focused professional with strong organisational skills. Burcu has a great understanding of the financial issues affecting law firms and has participated fully in the growth and development of the accounts department at Stuart Miller Solicitors. 

Burcu is a key member of the accounts team and she is instrumental to the day to day running of the firm. On a daily basis she deals with the firm's income, expenditure, VAT apportionment, Income Tax apportionment, disputed claims, private paying clients' funds management, invoicing and record-keeping. Furthermore, Burcu plays an integral role in the firm's compliance of the Solicitors Accounts Rules, Money Laundering Regulations and production of the firm's annual accounts.

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