Amjid Javaid


Amjid Javaid

Amjid is a specialist Fraud, Serious Crime and Murder Solicitor. He has experience litigating the most serious and high profile crimes. He has litigated proceedings involving allegations of criminal Cartel Offences, Bribery (UK and overseas), Boiler Room Frauds, Banking Frauds, VAT offences, Tax Offences, Money Laundering and Historical Sexual Offences Cases. 

Prior to joining Stuart Miller Solicitors Amjid worked at a number of leading Criminal Defence firms within Yorkshire, gaining in depth knowledge and experience within Criminal and Fraud Law. Amjid joined Stuart Miller Solicitors as an Accredited Police Station Adviser predominately working within the police station department. 

Amjid has an extensive criminal litigation background. Regularly acting for individuals in high profile cases, he specialises in providing advice at the crucial early stages of an investigation. This includes representing clients who are arrested and interviewed, challenging the legality of search warrants and other investigatory powers. Astute and practical in his approach, Amjid’s early involvement in the case can make the difference between being charged with an offence or not and crucially, being acquitted after trial or convicted.

Amjid’s reputation has grown in recent years due to his experience of high profile cases including Murder, Manslaughter, Serious Fraud, Large Scale Drugs Conspiracies, Drug Importations, Firearms Offences, Slavery and Serious Sexual Offences. Amjid has represented client’s being prosecuted by the Serious & Organised Crime Agency, HMRC, the DWP, Trident, the British Transport Police and the Trading Standards. 

He has acted on highly sensitive Historic Sexual Offence cases including Operation Yewtree and understands the challenges faced by individuals in these difficult situations. Amjid’s reputation for thinking strategically and his broad range of experience have made him the number one choice and the first point of call for those facing investigation.

He frequently represents clients at the police station for such matters and provides specialist advice during investigations, prior to charge. Amjid’s ability to identify procedural impropriety during police investigations has led to a number of high profile acquittals.

Notable Cases:-

R v W
Amjid was instructed to represent a man accused of large-scale drug importation. It was alleged that our client accepted a package which contained a large quantity of class A drugs. The package had been intercepted by police officers and delivered to our client’s home address. Officers had recorded the delivery on 'body cameras' and our client was taped signing for and taking possession of the package. After a trial at the Wood Green Crown Court, our client was acquitted. 

R v A
Amjid was instructed to represent a vulnerable woman accused of murdering a prostitute. Our client was alleged to have stabbed the deceased in a random attack. Following a two week trial at the Central Criminal Court our client was acquitted.  

R v D & D
This case involved an investigation conducted by the Organised and Financial Crime Unit into the manufacturing and world-wide distribution of various skimming devices. The case was part of a ten handed case involving over twelve months of covert surveillance. Amjid was instructed to represent five individuals at the police station who were alleged to have conspired together to manufacture and distribute skimming devices.   

R v A
Amjid was instructed to represent a youth accused of murdering a male in Harlow. The police alleged the deceased had been stabbed following a drugs dispute. During police interviews, Amjid challenged the evidence against our client. He also challenged the procedures used by officers when trying to conduct ID procedures. Following lengthy representations at the police station our client was bailed pending further investigation.  

R v Y
This case involves an investigation conducted by the National Crime Agency relating to international Fraud, Money Laundering and Corruption of over 20 million pounds. Amjid is currently representing two clients alleged to have facilitated the laundering of over 20 million pounds using various associates, businesses and bank accounts. 

R v H
Amjid was instructed to represent a man alleged to have been involved in Money Laundering in excess of £40 million through various businesses, supposedly set up specifically for criminal activities. This was a lengthy investigation conducted by HMRC spanning throughout England. Following specialist advice from Amjid during the early part of the investigation, no further action was taken against our client.   

R v D
Amjid has been instructed to represent a male alleged to have committed fraud by abusing his position of trust. This case involves a large family estate valued at over £800k. Our client is alleged to have made large cash withdrawals as well as transferring large sums of money into his personal accounts.  

R v A
Amjid was instructed to represent a male who was alleged to have conspired with others to supply Firearms in a lengthy protracted investigation. Following Amjid’s representations at the police station no further action was taken against our client. Five other defendants were charged and are awaiting trial. 

R v M
Amjid was instructed to represent a man who was alleged to have conspired with others to Blackmail his business partner, with whom he had ventured into a property development business involving multiple properties. The prosecution alleged that our client held the complainant liable for the failings of the business. They alleged our client along with his family members blackmailed the complainant into handing over large amounts of money. Following a trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court our client was acquitted.  

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