Kate Blackmore


Kate  Blackmore

Kate is an enthusiastic and passionate Solicitor who believes everyone should have the best legal representation when they have found themselves caught up in the criminal justice system. This belief is what drives Kate’s work ethic in ensuring all clients are given her all.

Kate graduated from the University of Bedfordshire with an LLB Law Degree, her ambition then led her to successfully complete the Legal Practice Course at the College of Law in Guildford. Whilst undertaking the course, Kate would offer her services through regular volunteering at the National Centre for domestic violence providing her with invaluable practical experience. Equipped with such qualifications and experience, Kate furthered her professional standing by becoming an accredited police station adviser qualifying at Cardiff University.

Bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience, Kate commenced Stuart Miller Solicitors as a Caseworker and proved herself to be a valuable candidate and secured a Training Contract within the firm. Kate has developed into one of our most experienced Solicitors and also holds a Team Leader position within the Magistrates Court Department providing guidance, advice and instructions to the team.

Kates expertise lies within criminal law in Youth, Magistrates and Crown Court cases. She is also a specialist in sexual offences including rape, sexual assault and possession of indecent images. Undertaking publically funded cases and private cases, Kate maintains a level of professionalism to all her client’s needs regardless of their circumstances.

Notable cases:-

R v K

Kate represented a client charged with an historic indecent assault against a child. She represented the client from the police station stage until the end of the proceedings. Due to the client’s age and memory loss issues, Kate sought for the use of an intermediary at trial which the Court granted. Kate tenaciously prepared the case throughout and made every effort to ensure the client got the right result. The client was acquitted of all charges against him.

R v A

Kate represented a client charged with being in possession of Indecent images. The client disputed the amount of images found on his devices was as high as the Crown was stating.Kate contended to be able to instruct an expert to re-examine the evidence which came back positive for our client. This made a substantial difference to the sentence and the client obtained a Suspended Sentence instead of an immediate custodial sentence.

R v B

Kate represented a client charged with Sexual Assault which occurred on a London Bus and was captured on CCTV. Kate strived to obtain a copy of the CCTV evidence which supported our client’s case. After written representations made to the CPS who dropped the matter before the trial date.

R v O

Kate represented a client for a matter of Rape. Our client denied the offence from the outset. Kate instructed an expert to re-examine the Crown’s evidence in particular the physical examination of the complainant. The report supported our client’s version of events and the CPS dropped the matter.

R v N

Kate represented a client for a matter of Grievous Bodily Harm with intent. Our client was accused of being involved in a gang related stabbing. Kate endeavoured to obtain a Certificate of Counsel on this matter due to the volume of work. Kate worked alongside Counsel during the preparation of the trial. Our client was acquitted after trial.

R v F

Kate represented a client for a matter of Assaulting a Police Constable. Our client suffered from severe autism and learning difficulties. Kate ensured that we obtained an intermediary report as it was clear from the outset that our client would not be able to understand the court proceedings without the assistance of an intermediary. Kate also sought a mental health report to consider whether the client actually had the 'intention' at the time of the offence. The report concluded that our client did not have the requisite 'intention' and he was acquitted. 

R v P

Kate represented a client for Assault by Beating. The client was intoxicated at the time of the offence and could not recall the incident. The allegation was our client had assaulted his friend and two security guards at a nightclub. At the police station, the client admitted the offence in the hope for a caution. However the police did not deal with the client by way of caution and charged him to attend Court. Despite the fact that the client made full admissions in interview, Kate endeavoured to obtain evidence which allowed her client to raise self defence. After strong representations sent to the CPS including phone footage evidence secured from a defence witness, the CPS offered no evidence. 

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