Priya Varma

Trainee Solicitor

Priya Varma

Priya was awarded a Commendation in Criminal Litigation and a Distinction in Advanced Criminal Practice during her Legal Practice Course (LPC) at the University of Law.

Prior to joining Stuart Miller Solicitors, Priya worked in a busy Appeals department of a high street Criminal Defence firm, with a particular focus on overturning convictions in miscarriage of justice cases. She regularly clerked at the Court of Appeal and Central Criminal Court before progressing to team leader status.

Priya is a fully Accredited Police Station Adviser who defends clients at the police station thoroughly, fiercely and compassionately. She maintains a firm stance with the police and adopts a proactive approach during police interviews, thereby ensuring that her clients' legal rights are protected at all times. From the very beginning of a case, Priya explores all possible avenues of success and if she deems a case un-winnable, she sets her sights on trying to get the case discontinued or disposed of without a criminal record endorsement.

Priya is part way through her training to qualify as a Solicitor. She does all the work a Solicitor would do, except personally attend Court to undertake the advocacy, Instead, she instructs high-calibre Barristers to perform the advocacy for her until she qualifies fully. 

Priya manages a substantial case load of Magistrates' Court and Crown Court cases involving offences of GBH, Robbery, Burglary, Affray and Sexual Assault. She adopts a robust approach in the preparation of all of her cases, whether privately funded or legally aided. Priya is known for her professionalism, her empathy and her determination of follow all lines of enquiry. 

Notable Cases:-

R v A
Priya acted for an autistic boy arrested for the first time in his life, charged with possession of a bladed article in a public place. This was a challenging case requiring considerable work; namely taking statements from numerous defence and character witnesses, the instruction of a consultant psychiatrist to commission a report, the instruction of an intermediary to facilitate communication and support the client as well as thorough preparation for a 'ground rules' hearing. Priya made successful written representations to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) on the basis that the full Code test had not been passed owing to the evidential test not being satisfied and the fact that a prosecution was not in the public interest. She emphasised the magnitude of the client's cognitive and communication difficulties and ultimately, stressed that he was not fit to stand trial. In light of Priya's representations, the CPS offered no evidence and the case was successfully discontinued.

R v P
Priya defended a client who came before the justice system for the first time, charged with Public Order Offences and Assaulting a Police Constable in Execution of Duty. Priya successfully achieved an acquittal by introducing evidence to discredit the character of the police officer in charge of the case. Careful planning and investigations led to Priya's discovery that the police officer was himself subject to investigations concerning an allegation of attempting to Pervert the Course of Justice.

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