Althea Moore


Althea Moore

Althea believes that everyone deserves quality representation when they come into contact with the criminal justice system. This ethos is at the helm of her interactions with her clients, no matter their personal circumstances or background. 

Althea is highly motivated to get the best outcome in every case. Whilst she is realistic that every case cannot be an acquittal, she is determined to work tirelessly to ensure that her clients are treated fairly and justly and receive the best possible outcome. 

She is completely dedicated to her professional obligations and regularly goes the extra mile to obtain supporting evidence to succeed in her cases. Whether the investigations require interviewing witnesses, knocking on doors to make enquiries, conducting evaluations of the crime scenes, or instructing financial, forensic and telephony experts; Althea is experienced enough to piece together a defence even in the most difficult of evidential circumstances.

Having worked as a Caseworker for the Crown Prosecution Service and receiving a commendation from HHJ Rivlin QC for excellent casework preparation; Althea has experience of prosecuting and is therefore very conscious of the way the CPS works. This gives her an advantage whilst preparing her defence cases. 

She regularly attends upon clients at the police station and also represents clients in both the Magistrates' Courts and Youth Courts regularly. Althea conducts Magistrates’ Court trials and acts as a Court Appointed Solicitor for cross-examination of vulnerable witnesses. 

In addition to general Criminal offences Althea has expertise in Violence Offences, Dangerous Dogs matters, Robbery Offences, Benefit Fraud cases, Child Neglect / Cruelty matters, Fraud Offences, Supply of Drugs Offences and Sexual Offences.

Over the years Althea has developed a reputation for being thorough, knowledgeable, effective and committed to defending young people entering the realms of the criminal justice system.

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