Gaspard Davies-Jones


Gaspard  Davies-Jones

Gaspard is a Duty Solicitor and an Accredited Police Station Adviser. He currently works in our Crown Court department where he has extensive experience working on grave and complex cases ranging from Murder, Conspiracy to Supply / Import Drugs, Firearms Offences and a vast array of Sexual Offences

He regularly demonstrates his outstanding knowledge of Criminal Defence and ability to meticulously scrutinise expert evidence by making highly contentious legal arguments. On a daily basis, Gaspard is defending and advocating for clients both in the police station and the Magistrates' courts. 

Gaspard has a penchant for defending criminal clients suffering from mental health issues. He regards these clients as being particularly vulnerable and as such he leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that they are rigorously defended and that their human rights are thoroughly protected. 

Notable cases:-

R v D
This was an Attempted Murder case where the client attempted to stab a PCSO multiple times. Gaspard instructed several psychiatric experts to show that the client was suffering from significant mental health issues at the time to be able to form any mental intention to commit the act. This was accepted and our client was sentenced to a Hospital Order where he received the help and treatment that he needed. 

R v EL
In this Firearms case, stringent representations were made to the Crown Prosecution Service which resulted in the case being discontinued against the client. 

R v I
Gaspard defended this Joint Enterprise Murder in which the client was acquitted. The main evidence against our client and his co-accused was cell site evidence. Gaspard instructed a cell site expert who was able to undermine the prosecution's assertion that our client was present and took part in the Murder. This then lead to a successful application to dismiss the charges against the client. The co-defendant in the case were all convicted.