Michael Oatley

Fraud & Serious Crime Solicitor

Michael Oatley

Michael is a specialist Fraud, Serious Crime and Murder Solicitor. He has experience litigating the most serious and high profile crimes. He has litigated proceedings involving allegations of criminal Cartel Offences, Bribery (UK and overseas), Boiler Room Frauds, Banking Frauds, VAT offences, Tax Offences and Money Laundering. 

He frequently represents clients at the police station for such matters and provides specialist advice during investigations, prior to charge. Michael’s ability to identify procedural impropriety during police investigations has led to a number of high profile acquittals.

Michael also has extensive experience litigating in grave and complex criminal matters including Murder, Attempted Murder, Manslaughter, Kidnap, Armed Robbery, and major Drug Trafficking. Michael has defended clients in seventeen Murder and Attempted Murder cases, having achieved a phenomenal number of acquittals.

Prior to joining Stuart Miller Solicitors, Michael worked for major criminal law firms in Nottingham and Central London. He gained invaluable experience representing private and publically funded clients and quickly established a reputation for his meticulous preparation. 

Michael works with the country’s leading QC’s and also regularly instructs world renowned experts. Michael is known for his uncompromising and tireless approach to litigating. Michael methodically scrutinises prosecution evidence and comprehensively advises and prepares clients for their cases. No stone is left unturned when Michael is litigating a case.

Michael works in the firm’s Fraud and Serious Crime department. He litigates the firm’s most serious and high profile cases including Murder, Fraud and complex Confiscation matters.

Notable cases:-

Operation Roman 
Michael was instructed to represent a driving instructor who was accused of conspiring with a corrupt driving examiner to fix practical driving tests. The prosecution alleged that our client had facilitated the Fraud by introducing examinees to the corrupted driving examiner. The examinees would then pay the examiner for a guaranteed pass in their driving test.

This was one of the largest ever investigations by the Driving Standards Agency and included substantial covert surveillance. Following a three week trial at the Wood Green Crown Court the client was acquitted.

Operation Crystal 
Michael represented a deaf and mute client who was accused of Fraud by False Representation. The case was one of the largest prosecutions brought by the Department for Work and Pensions and involved fourteen defendants split in to two trials. 

The allegation was that our client had conspired with others to submit false invoices for interpreting work to the Department of Work and Pensions to defraud the Access to Work Scheme. The prosecution alleged that the interpreting work was never completed. 

Following a twelve week trial at the Southwark Crown Court our client was one of only two defendants acquitted.

Operation Beluga 
Michael represented a client in multi million pound Confiscation proceedings at the Southwark Crown Court. The proceedings involved allegations that our client had hidden millions of pounds worth of assets in numerous other jurisdictions.

Michael travelled to Cyprus to secure crucial evidence to assist the client’s case and was able to prove that the Crown’s assertions were incorrect. Michael also instructed one of the country’s leading forensic accountants who meticulously analysed thousands of pages of defence evidence.

Following a contested confiscation hearing at the Southwark Crown Court a significantly reduced Confiscation Order was made.

R v A, A, I & S
Michael represented four defendants charged with Attempted Murder following a shooting in Ilford. Michael meticulously considered the prosecution case and advanced numerous section 8 applications for specific disclosure. A successful ‘no case to answer’ application was advanced during the trial and all the clients were acquitted.

Operation Ana 
Michael represented nine clients accused of Firearms and Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs Offences. The prosecution followed a specialist operation conducted by officers from the Metropolitan Police Trident Unit. The operation focused on a luxury car hire business operating in Essex. The police believed that this was a front for an organised crime gang dealing class A drugs.

The case involved substantial cell site, forensic and covert evidence. Following careful consideration of the prosecution case Michael was able to reach a plea bargain with the prosecution resulting in substantially reduced sentences for all the clients. 

Operation Kalpetta 
Michael represented a vulnerable woman of good character accused of Murdering a prostitute in Edmonton. Following a two week trial at the Central Criminal Court the client was acquitted.

R v B 
The case was a high profile Murder allegation involving the decapitation of the victim. Michael was part of a team that successfully appealed the defendants conviction at the Court of Appeal.

Operation Kappacorner 
Michael represented a client accused of Conspiracy to Rob and Murder following an alleged gang attack in Edmonton. Following a ten week trial at the Central Criminal Court the client was acquitted. The other three defendants charged with Murder were convicted.

R v Q
Michael represented a client accused of Murder in Southend on Sea. The allegation was that the client had acted as part of a joint enterprise to stab the deceased. A successful ‘no case to answer’ application was advanced during the trial and the defendant was acquitted.

Operation Kanespring 
Michael represented a client accused of Attempted Murder by deliberately driving his vehicle over the complainant following a large scale disorder on Harlesden High Road. Michael instructed expert CCTV analysists and road traffic investigators to scrutinise the prosecution evidence. Following a three week trial at the Harrow Crown Court our client was acquitted of Attempted Murder.

Operation Bubblewrap 
Michael represented an ex-Solicitor convicted of facilitating immigration in on going Confiscation Proceedings. The allegations by the prosecution involved millions of pounds worth of assets in multiple jurisdictions. 

Operation Lanesfield 
Michael represented a client accused of Murder in Hackney. The client was jointly charged with his brother and it was alleged that they had acted together to stab the deceased. Following a two week trial at the Central Criminal Court the client was acquitted and his brother was convicted.

R v L 
Michael was the litigator for a successful case stated appeal to the High Court regarding Joint Enterprise. In a rare judgement the High Court judge overturned the client’s conviction and clarified the law relating to joint enterprise for youths.