Nawal Asskoumi

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Nawal Asskoumi

Nawal graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in 2008 with an Honours Degree in Law and went on to complete the CILEX Diploma in Law sitting papers which included Criminal and Civil Litigation. She is a qualified Lawyer following admission as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.

Nawal is a homicide and serious crime defence specialist and a true believer in her clients’ causes. She is known to fight vigorously in defence of her clients. When instructed on a case, she leaves no avenue unexplored and tailors innovative litigation plans to meet the individual needs of her clients. With a focus on youth and gang crime, her background working as a community activist provides her with a grass roots understanding of the complexities and pressures on those facing criminal prosecution. Nawal’s unfettered dedication to win sets her apart from other Lawyers.

She has a wide range of experience and has litigated hundreds of cases from arrest to verdict. At the police station, Nawal has represented clients facing allegations ranging from domestic assault to Murder. Her current practice focuses predominately in the Crown Court and Old Bailey, defending clients accused of offences including Robbery, Murder, Manslaughter, Firearms and various Conspiracy cases. Due to her knowledge of the law, attention to detail and pro-active litigation style she is regularly instructed to defend ‘hard to win’ cases where clients believe that there has been a police cover up or evidence has been fabricated against them.

Nawal strives to identify key issues at the earliest stage of an investigation in order to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients. Her sharp and fearless approach to defending means that her clients are always guaranteed a first class service.

Notable Cases:-

R-v-O & Others

This was a high profile case heard at the Inner London Crown Court where our client and several co- defendants were accused of arranging or engaging in a large amount of ‘Sham Marriages’ in South East London. Nawal focused her skills on gathering evidence and scrutinising the prosecution’s case from the outset.

The case collapsed after it came to light that some of the evidence against the client was concealed or possibly destroyed by those investigating.


It was alleged that our client committed a public order offence as well as assaulting a police officer. Nawal argued robustly for the disclosure of evidence pivotal to the client’s defence, including CCTV footage and details of independent witnesses, which the police failed to gather. Nawal considered all avenues, including applications to the Court for non disclosure of key evidence as well as a witness summons compelling important witnesses to attend Court.

This case lasted over one year and a half and despite evidence from five witnesses, including police officers, the client was acquitted following a trial.


In this case Nawal’s client was arrested on suspicion of Robbery and Murder where it was alleged that during a party, the client was involved in the fatal stabbing of the victim. Nawal attended the police station where she meticulously analysed the police evidence and represented the client. After several months of police investigations, no further action was taken against the client.


In this case Nawal represented a youth client accused of Robbery. The client maintained his innocence from the outset despite being convicted at the Youth Court and having previous convictions for similar offences.

Nawal took the matter to the Crown Court for appeal against conviction and was able to acquire evidence which broke the prosecution’s timeline, confirming that her client could not have been present at the scene during the time of the alleged offence. Nawal worked relentlessly to prove that this was clearly a case of mistaken identity.

Despite live evidence from an independent witness who was adamant that our client committed the offence, the appeal was allowed and our client was acquitted.


In this case Nawal represented a company Director facing two charges of Fraud. The prosecution’s case was that the client had let properties without permission from the lender, obtained monies from the victims and failed to provide them with the accommodation advertised. The client accepted that he obtained the monies and failed to return the same to the victims, however he denied not having permission to let the properties.

The District Judge was reluctant to accept jurisdiction of the case in light of the value of the Fraud as well as the aggravating features involved and indicated that it was highly likely that the matter would be sent to the Crown Court for sentencing, where a custodial sentence was inevitable. The case was adjourned for the defence to obtain evidence to disprove the allegation made by the prosecution in relation to authority to let the properties in issue.

Nawal worked against the clock and was able to secure a trail of evidence which positively proved that her client was in fact permitted to obtain the monies and let the properties as an agent. A successful ‘basis of plea’ was entered by the defence and Nawal was able to keep the case in the Magistrates’ Court where the client was sentenced to a suspended sentence order.

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