Pretty Barber


Pretty Barber

Pretty graduated from Brunel University in 2004 with an LLB (Hons). She completed her Legal Practice Course at The College of Law and proceeded to gain early experience as a Caseworker at a very large, specialist Criminal Defence firm.

In addition to general criminal offences, Pretty has defended some extremely complex and high profile cases. Offences such as Murder, Mortgage Fraud, Money Laundering and Drug Trafficking are within her knowledge bank. She has represented clients from all walks of life, whether their case was to be heard in the Youth Court, Magistrates' or Crown Court. She has also had experience of preparing for appeals in the Court of Appeal and the High Court.

In the Magistrates' Court department, Pretty regularly defends those facing prosecution for the first time. She defends professionals and repeat clients with the same determination, striving to ensure the best outcome for her clients. Not only does she liaise with clients, the prosecution, the Courts and barristers; she also has responsibility of scrutinising complex financial and telephony evidence to identify material to support the client's defence. Pretty invests the same relentless efforts into her cases, regardless of the nature of the offence. Pretty's professionalism, dedication and hard work are the driving forces behind her excellent delivery of high quality legal services.

Notable Cases:-

R v B 
Pretty defended a client accused of Murder. Issues that were raised included diminished responsibility and insanity. 

R v B 
Pretty was instructed in a large Fraud case. Fitness to plead was an issue which was raised and an expert was engaged to opine on whether our client could understand and follow the court proceedings adequately to defend himself. 

R v M
This case was for Confiscation Proceedings involving thousands of pounds of assets. Evidence had to be collated to prove that assets or money were from a legitimate source. 

R v T & Others 
This case involved numerous co-defendants in the cultivation of cannabis and other Drugs Offences on a large scale.

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