Freezing Orders

Stuart Miller Solicitors’ expert Fraud Solicitors have vast experience in dealing with Freezing Orders and often necessary associated applications that follow.

If you are being accused of Fraud and happen to have personal or business assets of some value, it is inevitable that the Lawyers advising the other side will seek to Freeze / Restrain your assets and income.

The impact of such a restriction will almost certainly be crippling. By law, your bank will not allow you to deal with your account as you ordinarily would. Your direct debits and standing orders will be cancelled and the day to day banking facilities that we have so much grown to rely upon, such as internet banking and bill payments, will be suspended.

Despite the funds belonging to you, you will be allowed to withdraw a nominal sum each week and that too, you must usually withdraw as cash over the counter. You will be required to disclose full details of your assets and income, together with information which relates to the financial transactions that may have occurred in the Fraud.

A Freezing Order can have a dramatic affect on your business or on your life as an individual. Being unable to access your own funds can leave you in very troublesome circumstances. At Stuart Miller Solicitors our team of experts are on hand to deal with your case and apply for the release of frozen funds in order for you to maintain your home and your livelihood.

Drafting a response to requests for information requires an expert Fraud Solicitor, trained to identify any risks to your personal interests and to preserve your legal and financial position. Failure to provide full and accurate information is a separate and additional criminal offence but further, such action allows the court to draw negative inferences from your actions or omissions.

Occasionally, allegations of Civil Fraud transform into allegations of Criminal Fraud and the Freezing Order is substituted with a Restraint Order which also has similar effects.

Regardless of where and how your case begins or ends, with the specialist Fraud Solicitors at this firm, you can be assured that your Lawyer will advise you on the best course of action, taking into account your personal circumstances and objectives, in addition to the intentions of the other party or prosecution service.

Having a highly qualified team of Solicitors with extensive knowledge of freezing orders is essential. At Stuart Miller Solicitors we are fully aware of how difficult a freezing order can make your life. It can mean you are unable to pay for your living costs, which is why we act on freezing orders as a matter of urgency.

If a Freezing Order is currently affecting your life, or the life of your business then make sure you contact us today. Expert legal advice and support is vital at this time. Call us today and arrange to speak to a Fraud Lawyer by phone, face-to-face or online.