Firearms Offences

Stuart Miller Solicitors have a long history of defending those accused of importing, distributing, selling and buying firearms or associated ammunition.

The rules relating to firearms are varied and complex and frequently require the intricacies of case law to clarify the legal position. Being in possession of an imitation firearm can also amount to an offence (such as a toy gun) and it is often necessary for us to instruct an expert in cases where the weapon capabilities are in dispute. Firearms offences carry lengthy custodial sentences and seeking legal advice at the earliest opportunity is crucial.

Our expert Solicitors will select the best Barristers or QCs for your case. We have a panel of forensic and firearms experts on standby to provide the necessary reports and evidence we may seek to present in support of your defence case.

Our expert Firearms Lawyers understand you may only recently have acquired the firearm and thus any historical use of the firearm may automatically but unfairly linked to you. We can use your mobile phone, your email address and other digitial links to establish your whereabouts to exclude you from any further allegations.

Stuart Miller Solicitors operate a culture of pro-activeness. Our Lawyers are trained and grown to do the best they can to win your case. If you require any advice regarding firearms due to the serious and complex nature of these offences please contact one of our specialist Serious Crime Solicitors immediately or complete an online enquiry form for us to contact you.