Indecent images

It goes without saying that being accused of possessing, making or distributing Indecent Images of children is an extremely serious offence. If you have been accused of such a crime then the police will confiscate the images alongside any technology that may be in your possession.

Knowing and understanding what the law and offence actually covers will be of great value to you. At Stuart Miller Solicitors we have an expert team of Sexual Offence Solicitors who will be able to talk you through the allegations that have been made against you and what they mean. We will also be able to analyse the technology seized to identify the best strategy to build your defence.

In order to convict you the prosecution must be able to prove that:

  • You are in possession of indecent photographs or images of children, and
  • That the photographs are of a child under the age of 18

If your case involves the taking, making and distribution of indecent images then the Crown Court holds its maximum sentence at 10 years imprisonment. These allegations are extremely serious and it is important for your Solicitor to understand why you are in possession of such images.

Part of your defence will be based on how these Indecent Images came to be in your possession. The police will investigate using expert analysis of any technological equipment in your possession and it will be our role to establish a full and accurate explanation as to why you have them.

At Stuart Miller Solicitors we understand that such allegations will be extremely upsetting and difficult for you. At a time such as this you need expert legal representation from a Solicitor you can trust. You will require someone who understands the implications of such allegations and who can put your case forward in an appropriate manner. You also need to be able to speak to your Solicitor with honesty and know that you can trust them to instruct defence experts with the appropriate knowledge and skill to help win your case.

We deal with all Sexual Offences cases in a highly professional and discreet manner. If you or someone you know has been accused of possessing, making or distributing Indecent Images then contact us today. Whether you are currently under investigation or you fear the risk of being prosecuted, please make an appointment to see a Sexual Offence Solicitor today.