Sexual Grooming

Defending Sexual Offences since being established more than 30 years ago, Stuart Miller Solicitors are seasoned experts in this sensitive field, requiring seriously talented lawyering.

Sexual Grooming offences have attracted substantial negative press coverage. Those accused, though innocent by law, are humiliated beyond repair in national newspapers. The impact of such allegations is catastrophic, requiring exceptional damage limitation planning.

Sexual Grooming occurs when an adult, communicates with a child under 16 years and then meets or travels with the intention to meet the child to engage in sexual activity. The communication needn’t be sexual in nature and the Courts will consider all the factors of the case including the length of communication, the use of pseudo names, the age difference between the parties, the level of planning and sophistication, the number of people involved, the use of drugs or alcohol and the impact of any physical or mental injury to the child.

Offences of this nature are prosecuted by specialist teams, with endless resources. Every detail will have been thoroughly analysed and preserved to be used as evidence against you. Thus it is of greater importance to be defended by those who not only possess the expertise and the knowledge, but also have the tenacity to protect you.

The expert Sexual Offence Solicitors at this firm have successfully defended high-profile grooming cases. We understand the defences available to you and are able to work with you and your circumstances to extract and present the information needed for success.

We will work with renowned and award winning Barristers who will stand with us side by side throughout your case. We have excellent relationships with forensic experts and digital communication analysts who can be called upon to give evidence in your favour. We appreciate that the tiniest detail in the prosecution’s evidence or in your defence material could make the difference. We are committed to making an early start, to exploring all avenues, to securing all potential evidence and to offering you the best solutions.

If you have been accused of Sexual Grooming offences, it is of paramount importance that you contact us immediately.  The sooner you engage your legal team, the better your chances of success. If you are currently under investigation or being prosecuted, we offer a free consultation service where you can seek preliminary advice. Please contact our Sexual Offence Solicitors to arrange a consultation.