Violence Offences

Stuart Miller Solicitors have been defending violence based offences for more than 30 years, having achieved acquittals in offences of Terrorism, Murder, Manslaughter & GBH.

The Serious Crime Solicitors at the this firm understand that you are unlikley to have wondered out specifically looking for violence. We appreciate that the circustances of life that are likely to have led you into the position of using violence are fundamentally important. We are experts in developing your defence and securing absolutely every piece of evidence that we consider to be relevant to ensuring your liberty is preserved.

Violence offences range from a minor puch (common assault, a punch which leaves a minor cut or a bruise (Actual Bodily Harm), a serious injury casued by recklessness (Section 20 Grevious Bodily Harm), or a serious injury caused intentionally to seriously harm another person (Section 8 Grevious Bodily Harm).

Whatever type of allegation is made against you, our Serious Crime Solicitors have the knowledge and expertise to defend you. We will scrutinise the evidence and chase witnesses or CCTV evidence if it is available. Furthermore, our Lawyers' creative minds will be working with you to find evidence or arguments which will increase your chances of an acquittal.

Being one of the largest criminal defence firms in the country, Stuart Miller Solicitors have access to the best Barristers & QCs. We have a panel of expert forensice and telephony experts who can be called on to strengthen or support your defence.

If you are accused of a violence offence, you may wish to speak to us on the phone or in person. You can book an appointment using the online enquiry form or contact the office to speak to a Serious Crime Lawyer.