Online Grooming & Child Pornography

Defending Sexual Offences against children since being established more than 30 years ago, Stuart Miller Solicitors are veterans in this sensitive field, requiring truly exceptional lawyering. We are also specialist Cybercrime Solicitors able to navigate the complex realms of the internet with substantial proficiency and able to extract or challenge key evidence contained on digital platforms.

Owing to the risks of detection, Child Pornography is now primarily refined to the internet. There are nearly 100,000 websites of a pornographic nature offering unlawful Child Pornography of varying seriousness. More than 20,000 images of child pornography are posted on the internet each week.

Those accused of Child Pornography offences have endured immense negative press coverage. Though innocent by law until proven guilty, they are humiliated beyond repair and the impact of the allegations is often catastrophic, requiring exceptional damage limitation planning, which we can provide.

Our Serious Crime and Cybercrime Solicitors have expertise in handling cases involving the viewing, downloading, possessing, copying, sharing and distributing of Child Pornographic material. We have successfully represented those found with tens of thousands of illegal images and developed expert strategies to maximise the chances of success in these cases. The key to affording you the best opportunity of winning is to take very early action and try to avoid prosecution. Where possible, our Serious Crime Lawyers have the tactical and persuasive skills to try and close an investigation before it takes off.

Other more serious offences of Child Pornography are the Grooming and then exploitation of children for personal gratification. In these cases, the abuse is often recorded to produce and share child pornography images and videos with others holding similar interests.

Sexual Grooming occurs when an adult uses the internet as a way to reach out and develop emotional and sexual relationships with children under 16 years. Most often the communication encourages a meeting where further and more serious sexual offences can occur. These offences can range from Sexual Activity, Rape and other more graphic forms of abuse.

The expert Serious Crime Solicitors at this firm have regularly acted in very high-profile Child Grooming and Pornography cases. We have represented those accused of historical offences, those in religious leadership positions and those holding large databases of material.

We are steadfast in ensuring that the prosecution has a strong enough case to bring before the courts before you are required to put forward a defence. We are further meticulous in ensuring the evidence produced has been seized and retained legally and if not, we challenge the admissibility and use of this evidence in court.

We understand the defences available to you and are able to work with you and your circumstances to extract and present the information needed for success.

We will work with renowned and award winning Barristers who will stand with us side by side throughout your case. We have excellent relationships with forensic experts and digital communication analysts who can be called upon to give evidence in your favour. We appreciate that the tiniest detail in the prosecution’s evidence or in your defence material could make the difference. We are committed to making an early start, to exploring all avenues, to securing all potential evidence and to offering you the best solutions.

If you have been accused of Child Pornography or Sexual Grooming offences, it is of paramount importance that you contact us immediately.  The sooner you engage your legal team, the better your chances of success. If you are currently under investigation or being prosecuted, we offer a free consultation service where you can seek preliminary advice. We can then help assess your financial eligibility for legal aid. We believe, no matter what your financial position, if you are prosecuted by the State, you must also be defended with funds by the State. Please contact the Cybercrime team to arrange your meeting, whether face to face, online or by telephone.