Acquittal in DVLA Fraud Case

Leading London Fraud Lawyers, Stuart Miller Solicitors are pleased to report the aquittal of a 38 year old driving instructor who was charged with numerous Fraud offences. 

It was alleged that our client had acted, with eight others, to manipulate the practical driving test booking procedure in order to ensure that candidates were allocated to an allegedly corrupt driving examiner. The candidates supposedly paid the examiner up to £1,000 to guarantee a pass. 

Our expert Fraud Solicitors identified key weaknesses in the case and identified the absence of crucial undisclosed material from the DVLA. This material which had been withheld for more than a year, revealed evidence which was pivotal to our client and detrimental to the DVLA. 

Following a three week trial at Wood Green Crown Court our client was unanimously acquitted by the jury and awarded defence costs.