Only Acquittal of 13 in £775k Conspiracy to Defraud

​Stuart Miller Solicitors' Fraud Lawyers defended a 37 year old builder accused of being part of a large Conspiracy to Defraud an elderly and vulnerable man out of £775,000. This case is otherwise known as Operation Pepperpot. 

It was alleged that our client was a part of a group of men that approached the victim and convinced him to employ them to complete unnecessary work at his home address. The victim became so convinced by the Fraud that he re-mortgaged his home and spent his life savings on the building work. Our client’s case was always that he is a self employed builder / handy man who had been hired as a sub-contractor to do a few days work. He had no knowledge of what his employers were up to. 

With the privilege of specialist Fraud Solicitors on his side, our client was the only person acquitted out of 13 people following a 3 week trial at St Albans Crown Court.