Hacking Super Car Key Software & Theft

The specialist Cybercrime & Fraud Solicitors at this firm were instructed to act for a man accused of using Deception to steal high performance super-cars.

In particular, the Crown alleged that the man and his co-conspirators were using Hacking methods to find access gateways to the software used to lock, unlock and start super-cars. Once these vulnerabilities were identified, they proceeded to create Malware allowing the same functions to be controlled by them remotely.

The group also used using highly sophisticated key-programming devices, radio-frequency signal blockers and tracking-device disablers in order to steal cars worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. The vehicles, including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mercedes Benz and BMWs were dismantled and dissipated all over the world.

The proceeds generated from the alleged offence are said to have been disguised to avoid being traced using recognised Online Fraud methods.