R v I-UH - Off-Shore Boiler Room Fraud Of £4 Million

Our Fraud Solicitors were instructed to represent a man, accused with 4 others, to have made False Representations concerning the sale of shares.

It was alleged that an offshore brokerage sold more than £4 million of shares to UK investors. Those shares are alleged to have had no value at all and the sales were made based on lies, false promises, exaggerated predictions for future values and acquisitions. The group, as with all Boiler Room Frauds are said to have employed talented sales people to use powerful sales techniques.

Additional allegations of Money Laundering suggest that our client laundered the money using many layers of camouflage to prevent them money being traced. Numerous people in different countries handled and processed the money to prevent its detection.

This case involved cross-border legal issues, the Financial Services & Markets Act and sophisticated Money Laundering techniques.