2 Murder Allegations - 2 Wins - Same Murder Defence Solicitors

Stuart Miller Solicitors’ Murder Defence Solicitors represented a man in relation to a Murder investigation dating back to 2012, where a young male was fatally stabbed. 

The Trident Unit from the Metropolitan Police were investigating the matter involving gang rivalry and a spate of deaths.

Our client, recently acquitted of Murder with the help of our Murder Defence Lawyers, was yet again arrested and questioned for involvement in a further Murder. 

Our client denied the allegations and the police held identification parades in efforts to collate further evidence. Our Murder Defence Solicitors appreciate the importance of being in attendance before, during and after these parades to ensure Police Officers don't have a chance to tip-off potential witnesses or give them any physical or psychological gestures during the process.

Crucial and effective advice given at the police station ensured that once again, the new Murder allegation against our client was dropped.