Acquittal In Noth London Gang Murder

Our specialist Murder Defence Solicitors represented two men charged with Murder. The case was notable and significant for a number of reasons. One of those accused was our client’s father and the case arose from local gang-related violence, which heightened tensions within the local area. The prosecution alleged that this was a gang-related contract killing. 

The victim in this case was alleged to be the leader of a Turkish gang from Stoke Newington.  It was the prosecution’s case that our client was  a member of an opposing gang from Tottenham and as a result of tit-for-tat violence between the gangs, our client was instrumental in passing on information about the victim’s whereabouts, which led to the Murder.

The prosecution alleged that our client knew or believed that he was directing the assassin to the victim’s exact location. It was further alleged by the prosecution that our client was instrumental in calling on the “hit”, as a result of an earlier incident between our client and a rival gang member. 

The Crown’s case centred on cell-site information and analysis, in which they were able to show that there was contact between our client and his father, shortly after our client’s father had received a direct threat made against our client by a high ranking opposite gang member. 

Three days into the trial, the prosecution offered a lesser charge of conspiracy to cause GBH on a limited and favourable basis.  Our client decided to accept that offer and accordingly the prosecution offered no evidence against him in respect to the Murder.  Our client was sentenced on the basis of his perceived role.