Investigation In PC Blakelock Murder Case Dropped

Our Director and Specialist Serious Crime Lawyer Majad Habib was instructed to represent a man accused of being involved in the Murder of PC Blakelock during the Broad Water Farm riots (London) in 1985.

The investigation started over 25 years ago and involved spectacular twists and turns. Six men originally stood trial for this offence in 1987. Three men were acquitted and the other three convicted. In 1992, the Court of Appeal released the three men on the basis that the police had tampered with the evidence, which led to the original convictions.

The police officers alleged to be involved in the tampering of the evidence stood trial for perverting the course of justice and were also eventually acquitted.

The inquiry was reborn in 2002 and senior Metropolitan Police detectives have now made further arrests.

After tactical and specialist advice from our Serious Crime Lawyers, in September 2011, the Homicide Unit of the Metropolitan Police decided not to take any further action against our client.