Op.Kalpetta - Acquittal In Murder of Prostitute Case

Stuart Miller Solicitors' Expert Murder Solicitors defended a 47 year old woman who was accused of Murder, by stabbing a prostitute in Edmonton. In this high-profile case, It was suggested that our client had made a confession to the police. This confession led to our client's arrest and subsequent identification by an independent witness who was allegedly at the scene.

Our client had a long history of mental health difficulties and thus we challenged the reliability and legality of the confession. 
Following presentation of complex legal arguments, selection of crucial expert evidence and a two-week trial at the Old Bailey, our client was acquitted.

This case highlights the importance of high-caliber legal advice. Despite the backdrop of overwhelming evidence against our client, our specialist Murder Lawyers battled relentlessly to ensure justice was delivered and our client was spared a 25-year jail-term.