R v I - Murder Case Dismissed Mid-Trial

Murder Defence Solicitors at Stuart Miller Solicitors represented one of 5 men accused of shooting a promising South London athlete, Sylvester Akapalara; along with the attempted Murder of two further men in a well publicised operation led by Trident.

The case involved eye witness testimony, forensic evidence and relied heavily upon cell site evidence along with call patterns. 

After a four week trial at the Old Bailey, our client was acquitted following an application by the defence. 

Defence experts instructed by our specials Murder Defence Solicitors were able to assist in showing that the phone evidence was not all the prosecution would have hoped for. Significantly , we were able to show that 'cell sites' in fact 'leak' ,casting doubt upon the whereabouts of handsets at any one time.

Our client walked free after the close of the prosecution case, the only accused to do so, leaving four others to continue with their trial.